Daily Rail Basis Updated 03/19/18 5:00 PM

FOB  March  April/May June/July Aug/Sep
COL,OH Beans 90’s  SK – 25  SK – 22  SN – 24  NA
COL, OH Corn Singles  CK + 2  CK + 4  CN + 2  CU + 0
Eville, Corn Singles  CK + 0  CK + 0  CN + 0  CU + 0
Eville, Corn 90’s  CK + 2  CK + 5  CN + 6  CU +2
COL, OH Corn 90’s  CK +4  CK + 8  CN + 7  CU + 3
NS Ft. Wayne, IN 85’s  CK – 7  CK – 4  CN – 5  CU – 7

Soy Export 76.6 million bushels lower YTD.

Brazilian Soy Crop projected 2017/18 3.97 billion bushels.

2017/18 Corn Export 1.925 billion bushels projected. Corn exports 199 million bushels lower YTD down 24% YTD.

Corn Yield Updates: 17/18 – Record Yields: IL, KY, MN, NY, NC, OH, PA, TN (US a new record 176.6)

Soybean yield update: Record Yields: AL, AR, KY, MD, MS, MO, NC, SC, TN, VA (US not a record)

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